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Levi's launches first clothing store in Cambodia

Cambodian photographer/videographer Chean Long, as usual, has another great video of Levi’s launch of its first official clothing store, run by licensee DKSH (Thailand) Ltd, in Phnom Penh.

Reported in the local media, the firm says its authentic products will compete with none other than “the domestic black market”.

Watch this 3:54 minute cool commercial (high definition) video of the American jeans company’s presence in the Southeast Asian nation of 14 million people

Will the American jeans company be successful in Cambodia? Have your say here.

  1. Well, I am personally a little pessimistic on this. Why? Here’s why, cause not everyone in the capital city can afford 40 to 100 bucks a pairs of jeans. And how many people live in Phnom Penh? Say 4 millions is the current population of the city, half of them are young adults, 21 to 30 year old. How many many of them love fashion? And how about those who love fashion but unable to cope with the price of Levis’?Probably, less than millions Phnom Penhers how have disposable income to spend on clothing products such as Topman, Zara and Levis’ per se. Don’t get me wrong, I was born and raised in Phnom Penh and I like fashion and on top of that Levis’ is my favorite clothing brand and I owned around 20 pairs of this brand’s Jeans. I just hope that it’ll do well economically in Phnom Penh;so when I go back to visit I’ll have something better to browse around rather than those knock-off clothes and shoes found in Sorya and some other shopping centers. Enough said.

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