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More than 300 people killed in Cambodia's Water Fest: live update

Live updates from Cambodian netizens:

The latest report said the death toll was at 278, with 240 among them women. The mayor of PP should definitely resign!!
about a minute ago

I saw people are still over each others . Some might still alive. Police is still doing investigation.
18 seconds ago via Ovi by Nokia

180 and counting! No question, the mayor of PP must resign!

Figures from hospitals (as of 2:05 am, Nov 23) showed 278 killed, 240 females: Bayon TV.

Very sadly, almost 90% of those killed in a stampede were women.
about a minute ago

some of the victims said it was caused by 8 or 9 beer girls who shouted to threaten the other people to run to the bridge.

There is still no true reason to be confirmed about the incident at kohl pich.
6 minutes ago via Ovi by Nokia

Quote: Prime Minister Hun Sen, video conference from his house: “180 died until 1h00 am, and maybe more. Government work hard to secure the victims. But we can’t control the accident that we don’t kno exactly the cause. We will try to find the real reason. we need utopsie… All TV, please update the news… I feel so sorry for that… I will tell u more….”
about a minute ago

Cambodian prime minister expressed condolences to those who lost their loved ones in a stampede at Koh Pich island in Phnom Penh. 4 minutes ago

I tried to get to the stampede scene at the Diamond Island but my attempt was in vain due to a police blockade. Thanks for the policemen for their hard work in the rescue operation.
about a minute ago

Goodnight Diamond Island, Goodnight Phnom Penh, Goodnight Cambodia, Goodnight Earth. Today is very very sad in history of Cambodia Water Festival. :'( T_T
47 seconds ago

The news shocks so bad that I cannot go to sleep.
2 minutes ago via Mobile Web

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