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Lost the battle: win the war for Cambodia's elephants

Despite worldwide public outcry, the Cambodian government approved the construction of a new titanium mine in the Cardamom Mountains — one of the last intact rainforests in Southeast Asia.

The Cardamom Mountains are home to more than half of Cambodia birds species and more than 74 endangered and vulnerable species. The mine itself would cut directly through an important elephant corridor. Plus, the mine threatens the local ecotourism economy — a model for sustainable development.

Now that the mine is to move forward, the United Khmer Group (UKG) mining company and the Cambodian Ministry of Fish and Wildlife must do everything they can to minimize the mine’s impacts on the forests, wildlife and residents of the Cardamom Mountains.

The mine will run out of titanium one day, but the Cardamoms will have to deal with its consequences forever. Urge UKG to minimize impacts of the titanium mine.

Don’t Let Titanium Mine Ruin Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains

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