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Car made in Cambodia: Angkor EV 2013

America’s world news site Global Post has a news story, with links to local news and posts by bloggers, on Cambodia launches a home-grown electric car.

Global Post’s correspondent Faine Greenwood says “Versions of the vehicle have been shown to the public in Phnom Penh for years, and have been met with significant interest — although private citizens wanting to drive their own may have to wait just a little bit longer.”

A series of videos of how Angkor car model has been transformed over the years before the launch of Angkor EV 2013. Probably this is just the beginning.

What’s in the name? Angkor EV 2013
Cambodia’s national pride is Angkor Wat, the ancient temple in Siem Reap. EV stands for electric vehicle. Believe it or not, the look of Cambodia’s Angkor EV 2013 does resemble the 2013 Toyota RAV 4 EV. Take a look at the picture here.

Angkor Car Made In Cambodia By Mr Nhien

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  1. Sovann says:

    That is great for Cambodia

  2. Sam says:

    Congrats to the people doing for the country and people. Other then Angkor wat, it’s times to catch up with others. At least is an amazing start!! Good sighn for success. Every country begin with being poor. Being poor doesn’t last forever, if people don’t give up for themselves or for their country sake. Not having everything imported, and exported. Congrats!!! And proud of Mr. Nyean for being patriotic and his success!!

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