Makro Phnom Penh: Thai Market in Cambodia

Makro Phnom Penh: Thai Market in Cambodia

The first Japanese AEON mega mall has been a huge success in the heart of Phnom Penh. In 2018, Makro Cambodia in Sen Sok district is the first Thai-based Siam Makro to offer Cambodian shoppers and Phnom Penhers unbeatable prices for most (not all) Thailand-made products. About ten years back, Cambodian middle class people had to travel to Thailand’s Bangkok to buy good quality products. Despite shopping in the heart of Bangkok is a leisure for some Khmer richie elites, the exported products to Cambodia and available at Market market in Cambodia is very much welcoming. In this reivew, you’ll learn some of the best products, including home improvements, electronics, food and beverages available in the Makro market in Sen Sok branch. If you don’t like to bargain in local markets in Phnom Penh, then head to the Makro market.

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Buying a television or electronics?

For those who find it difficult to shop for a TV in Phnom Penh, it’s quite convenient to head to the Makro market. This year, as I shopped for a new flat screen, full HD TV, I went to KFour, a shop house near the Central Market, and in this Makro market. Popular brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba are on display near the entry as you step in the huge market hall. Prices are quite comparable to those shops around Phsar Thmey. Thai quality electronics products like fans or rice cookers are some of the items you can buy at a good price.

Thai food & beverages

If you prefer Thai products from Thailand, this Makro market is probably your first choice. Actually, there are more than just Thai made products available on the tall, large shelves in this shopping mall. However, a lot of the items are imported from Thailand. Khmer people love the Thai Mama noodles. This is the best place to buy this favorite brand noodles. The bakery section is also a nice corner to get bread. Thai snacks are typically sold in bulk packages at a cheaper price are at the back of the market hall.

Buying quality medicines?

There is a pharmacy within the Makro market where you can buy a variety of medicines with some help from the professional staff.

How to get to Makro market

This first Thai Makro market in Sen Sok district is the first branch in Phnom Penh. It’s not in the central city. If you take a Tuk Tuk, a taxi (PassApp or Grab), it’s about half an hour from the riverside or Boeung Keng Kang area. For those who live in Tuol Kork area, the Makro market is just about 10 minutes drive, which is quite convenient. The Makro market is just a few walk from the second AEON mall. This is probably a new shopping center in this Sen Son, once a quiet district of this Cambodian capital city. For those keep asking where’s the best place to buy Thai products? Makro market. Thailand has to export more of its domestic products to Asean market. This Makro market is strategically one way to expand its reach. The second AEON mall is just a few walks from the Makro, making buying spree easier just like in Bangkok.