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New Cambodian thriller 3.50 in the work: co-directed by Chhay Bora

Chhay Bora, who has recently been internationally known for his feature film Lost Love, is now busy with another thriller in Singapore. No longer about Cambodia’s dark past, but the new film is all about how present Cambodians are struggling to meet ends need, and trapped in sex tourism industry. Trafficking in persons is a major issue facing Cambodia today.

Cambodia-based photographer and videographer Thomas Cristofoletti has just posted some amazing photos taken from behind the scene of “3.50?.

Thomas Cristofoletti mentioned Bora’s work:

As he did with “Lost Loves”, a personal account of his wife’s family’s travails during the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia of the 1970s, Bora intends to screen the film in Phnom Penh’s two modern cinemas, before taking it on a road show to the country’s rural provinces.

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