News quotes of the day: FEER Factorial, aid dependence in Cambodia

“In an Asia ruled mostly by authoritarian regi­mes and military dictatorships, an English language magazine printed in Hong Kong that fearlessly told the world about political and business life was a nove­lty—and sustaining it a challenge,”

wrote Nayan Chanda, the former editor of Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly and the Far Eastern Economic Review, who is currently editor-in-chief of YaleGlobal Online

“The risk is a lack of ownership. It’s a lack of democracy, lack of participation,”

said Sophal Ear, author of “Aid Dependence in Cambodia: How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy”
The Cambodia Daily: Cambodia must transition from aid-based support toward domestic revenue as economy reaches middle-income status

“I never thought the chief monk could do this to my son.”

The Phnom Penh Post: Siem Reap village rocked by pagoda
In Siem Reap, a village grapples with the news that a trusted monk allegedly raped at least nine of the boys in his care.