News you shouldn't miss: May 29, 2014

In photos: Cambodia’s cattle cross into Vietnam
Every day, hundreds or even thousands of buffalo and cows are illegally smuggled into Vietnam from Cambodia.

Somaly Mam Resigns Following Articles Exposing Fabrications
Somaly Mam, a prominent anti-sex-trafficking activist whose back-story as a sex slave has been the center of controversy after it was exposed as a fabrication, has resigned from the organization that bears her name.

Cambodia will take only ‘voluntary’ refugees
Cambodia said Wednesday it would accept only voluntary asylum-seekers under a proposed deal with Australia after campaigners voiced alarm about refugees being foisted onto one of Asia’s poorest nations.

Cambodia’s Draft Law Turns Free Speech into Cybercrime
One of the main issues with this cybercrime draft law is the fact that it was drafted behind closed doors, without the input of civil society.

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