Best Noodle Restaurants in Phnom Penh

There are times when you feel like eating good noodles. In Phnom Penh, these are some best places to eat delicious noodles. In this review, you’ll find some great choices, from Cambodian to Chinese to Thai noodles at restaurants in this vibrant city. So I eat steamed rice for every meal and everyday. Knowing the best places for a dish of delicious noodles is a way to taste something different.

Red Noodle at K.E Cafe (by Khmer Enterprise)

This local restaurant has a signature dish called Red Noodle (Krohorm noodle). Made of beetroots, the Red Noodle is a simple statement of healthy food made locally. More about this locally-run cafe & and restaurant here in our previous review.

Yosaya Thai Food

This small family-run restaurant has the Thai noodle with beef soup or Tom Yum noodle soup.
Yosaya Thai Food has opened its door since 2015. It’s one of the best places for Thai food and noodle soups in Phnom Penh. Yosaya Thai Food restaurant offers Thai-styled cooking cuisine. Overall, the taste of the noodle with Tom Yum soup with pork is so good. For most Thai expats in Phnom Penh who crave for their food back home, this is the place not to overlook. There is also another Thai restaurant for boat noodle called ហាង ម៉ែសាយខាំ គុយទាវទូកថៃ Boat Noodle on street 163.

Chingye Taiwan Food & Cafe

Probably one of the oldest Taiwanese restaurant in the heart of Phnom Penh. Located on Charles de Gaule boulevard, this restaurant has the delicious noodle soup with beef as its best of all on the menu.