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Oudong Mountain: Eat Khmer Food Like a Local

If you want to eat Khmer food like a local, these are some Cambodian food you don’t normally find at restaurants. Cambodian people love grilled fishes. They eat frogs and turtles. You can find these ordinary Khmer food at Oudong mountain, an hour drive from Phnom Penh city. The royal capital between the 17th to the 19th centuries, Oudong moutain is in Kampong Speu province. Today, Oudong is still one of most favorite places to visit among Cambodian people. The street market near the mountain and the kiosks where locals can relax make it a place to escape for many Phnom Penhers.

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Grilled fishes caught from the ponds in this Oudong village

Grilled frogs stuffed with local ingredients. Frogs caught from the rice fields

Turtles for food (also known as tanks)

Well-cooked of family-grown chickens

Good to Know

Oudong is a former Khmer capital, now located in the northwest of Kampong Speu province. Today, Oudong is a district in Kompong Speu province, about 40 kilometers northwest of Phnom Penh. Oudong Mountain is the core historical site of the Oudong city.

On this hill, there is a royal presence of the former King and the royal family of some Buddhist temples. In 1917, King Sisowath commands to make inscriptions in front of the presence of at least two gods.

King Surya built the island of Krong Kohsla Ket Lvea Em in 1601 after abandoning Lovek. From 1618 to 1866, the official name of the capital was “Oudong Meanchey City” and was the capital of many Khmer kings. In the reign of King Ang Duong (1841-1850), he built a canal,  bridges, and monasteries in the area. In 1866, King Norodom moved his capital to Phnom Penh, where he was present. In 1977, the Khmer Rouge destroyed a large number of structures in the Oudong area.

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