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How to Get from Phnom Penh to Kep by Bus

Getting to Kep (Krong Kep) from Phnom Penh by bus is an enjoyable experience than by a taxi (or private car), especially if you’re traveling with small children. If you don’t want to drive by yourself, you can also take a bus (for under $10). There are times when you want to escape Phnom Penh during the weekend to spend a good time a sleepy town like Kep. How to get to Kep from Phnom Penh by bus?

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How to Get From Phnom Penh to Kep by Bus or Mini Van

If you’re planning trip from Phnom Penh to Kep, it can be easier to schedule your trip ahead. Also, these days you can quickly book a bus ticket on the Internet. There are many fast buses running from Phnom Penh to Kep several times a day. This means that you can schedule your departure time easily.

  • You can book a bus ticket (Phnom Penh Sorya) for a trip from Phnom Penh to Kep directly (no stopover in Kampot). A more comfortable option is getting to Kep by Cambodia Post VIP Van ($7-$8). The van departs Phnom Penh at 07:45 AM and arrives Kep at 11:45 AM.
  • Duration and distance: approximately 3 hr 30 minutes. (145.9 km) via NH 3 and 31
  • Departure time: morning (7:30AM; 9:30AM), noon (12:30PM), afternoon (2:30PM)
  • Buses and mini vans that run to Kep from Phnom Penh: Champa Mekong, Phnom Penh Sorya, and Cambodia Post.
  • Price: $8
  • Each bus company has their own boarding point. It may depends on where you stay, you can decide to go which bus station that is very close to you. You can find more information about these boarding points here on the BookMeBus website.

As bus companies compete for customers, they now offer comfortable, basic air-con buses to deluxe air-con buses with entertainment, snacks and onboard toilet. Good price, too. The main road from Kampot to Kep is now in good condition. These are some best places to see, eat, and stay when you’re in Kep:

Where to Stay and What to See in Kampot

  • Kep National Park
  • Koh Tonsay
  • Wat Kiri Sela
  • Kep Beach
  • Sothy’s Pepper Farm
  • Kep Butterfly Garden
  • Coconut Beach
  • Wat Samathi

Places to eat:

  • Crab Market
  • Kimly

Want to escape from Phnom Penh? To where? Think of Kep, a small, quiet town where Cambodians consider as a place for super good seafood.

This is the most beautiful view of the setting sun from a nice place called Knai Bang Chatt Resort Kep.

What’s in a name, Kep? It literally means Saddle. But it’s more than, tropical islands.

Which is the best hotel in Kep? We stayed for two nights at Le Flamboyant Boutique Resort & Spa. It’s nice place for family as it’s very spacious with grass for kids to run around. And there are two good swimming pool (one big for children and a smaller one for adults).

And you can really relax there as it’s surrounded by the most beautiful view of Kep national park. What’s more you need in life to feel good?

Kdat Sanaka
If you’re looking for a camping site in Kampot, I’d recommend you check out Kdat Sanaka, a Cambodian-run eco-tourism resort. It’s the best place to escape from the crowd of Phnom Penh and busy life. Kdat Sanaka is about 3 hour drive from Phnom Penh. From Phnom Penh to Kampot, it’s about 150 km. From Kampot to Kdat Sanaka, it’s about 20 km.

More about Kep

Kep province is one of the four provinces located on the southwest coast of Cambodia. Kep is located a few kilometers away from the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Kep was once the most popular coastal city of Cambodia. The beautiful beach in Kep is a shady, mangrove forest and black sand. Kep is rich in seafood, but delicious.

Kep province also has many local products such as pepper, salt, fruit, mango, rambutan and many tourist destinations such as beaches, mountains, canyons and resorts. In particular, there are a host of international and domestic tourist destinations.

Koh Tonsay is located about 4.5 kilometers southwest of Kep Province. Tourists are attracted by two white sand beaches and shallow seawas suitable for swimming. The seabed has diverse coral reefs, marine animals and plants, attracting researchers and ecologists to study.

The name Koh Tonsay comes from the word disintegration. On one occasion, to avoid the commander’s command, Prince Sakor Ran was very disappointed because his troops were exhausted. He led the remaining troops across the sea to an island in front of Kep, where the army was separated. As a result, the island is also known as Koh Russey, Koh Samet, Koh Ouay, and Koh Tonsay which we have known today. Another thing happened through the residents who lived there in Kep prior to 1975 that the island was formerly known as the Island of Antilles. It does not make sense to this word.

From Phnom Penh to Kep by bus (164 km):
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