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From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by Bus

Getting to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh by bus is easier than ever. In the early 1990s, it took all day to get to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh by a mini van. The road back then was terrible.

Today, you can easily take a bus to visit the Cambodian ancient city worldly known Angkor Wat. With the new road in much better condition, the Phnom Penh to Siem Reap bus trip (with free WiFi) takes only 6 hours.

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How to Travel to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh by Bus

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Bus & Van Schedules : from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

  • Duration and distance: 5 h 17 min (319.8 km) via National Road 6
  • With BookMeBus, you can quickly check the bus schedule for Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

In Phnom Penh, there are many bus operators include Phnom Penh Sorya Transport, Capitol Tours, Giant Ibis and GST Express. Although it is advisable to check out as many as you can before booking, we highly recommend Mekong Express (USD 10 – 13) for its better safety record. Before the arrival of luxury Giant Ibis bus operator, most foreigners and expats in Cambodia prefer Mekong Express bus operator.

Today, the Mekong Express still remains one of the best bus companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia. You get what you pay: you ticket with numbered seat for yourself. It’s also very convenient as the Mekong Express bus will take you directly to your destination city rather than making random stops in between to pick up additional passengers or packages. When it comes to your safety on the roads over here in a country like Cambodia, the Mekong Express company is OK. It’s advisable that you always try and travel during the day rather than at night if you have the option as the roads and other drivers can be risky. The downside: Comparing to Giant Ibis, the Mekong Express buses are quite older (but still comfortable).

The second top rated is the Seila Angkor Express. Its Toyota mini van offers passengers comfortable seats for between $9-$12.

The Phnom Penh to Siem Reap bus ticket can be easily purchased online through BookMeBus, a favorite bus ticket platform among expats and foreign travelers.

It’s easy to make payment through BookMeBus as the online bus ticket service accepts Visa, Paypal, and a number of Cambodian methods of payment: Wing, TrueMoney, SmartLuy, or Pay&Go.

It’s always a good idea to try to book the bus ticket at least the day before travel.

  • Passengers should be at the terminal 15 minutes before departure.
  • Passengers MUST present printed Online Tickets for inspection at the terminal prior to boarding.
  • Smoking inside the bus is prohibited.

In addition to Mekong Express, you can also consider Cambodia Post VIP Van. So, taking a mini van can be also an ideal choice with about the same price.

About Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a province located in the northwestern part of the country near the Tonle Sap. The capital of the province is Siem Reap. Siem Reap was named to commemorate the victory of Khmer troops on the Siamese army of Ayutthaya in the 17th century. Today, Siem Reap is known throughout the world as the famous province of the famous Angkor Wat Temple.

Today, Siem Reap is one of Cambodia’s major tourist destinations because it is the site of the famous Angkor Wat temples and other temples. Recently, Siem Reap has been transformed into a modern city through the growth of hotels, restaurants, shops, and so on.

Other resorts near Siem Reap are Angkor Thom, built by Jayavarman VII, Banteay Srey, Ta Prohm and hundreds of temples. The Angkor area was invaded several times by the Siamese, and eventually Angkor was abandoned in 1431. It should be remembered that Cambodia’s capital was moved from Angkor to Phnom Penh in 1432, to Lovek and Odongk and back to Phnom Penh in 1866. Angkor Wat was recovered by French explorer Henri Mouhot in 1860.

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