Pho Cali: Best Pho Eat in Phnom Penh

This month, Pho Cali began serving those who love the flavor of a Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The shop owner, a Khmer American, comes from California. Pho Cali is close to TK Avenue. I’ve lived in Tuol Kork district since the early 2011. It’s amazing to see how this small, quiet district has changed over the years. New shopping mall like the TK Avenue has been a nice addition. Following this flagship mall in Tuol Kork, there are more restaurants and cafes joining this Phnom Penh’s little town.

I had this special Pho Cali for an afternoon snack.

A special dish of Pho Cali
A special dish of Pho Cali

The special dish comes with extra chicken egg and beef
The special dish comes with extra chicken egg and beef

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese restaurant to serve the best pho in Phnom Penh? Pho Cali is a simple, nice place. Actually, there is another familiar name, Pho 24, which has been in business some years earlier.

On the menu at Pho Cali, you can have
Pho: $3.80 for a regular, $4.50 for a large)
Special Pho: $4.50 or $5.50 with extra beef and a raw egg

Pho Cali is located at #63 Street 315 in Tuol Kork (a few walks from Tuol Kork Center).
Open from 6am to 8pm everyday. Tel: 070 558 855

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