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Photographic intervention on Siem Reap streets: Blowup Angkor

I am writing you regarding participating in an open and free street exhibition which we are planning to run alongside the Angkor Festival this coming month.

I participated in the 2008 workshops and immediately after got together with others and started an online photo journal called
It’s a community driven space..we have also taken to the streets literally with our pictures where we put them up temporarily on the local streets…letting people take the prints if they want to. The prints are cheap and brought by the photographers themselves. We find it a cheap effective and pratical platofrm to show regular people the pictures we take. Over 50 photographers have participated so far in over 5 blowups(thats what we call it) and we are planning to do one in siem reap while the festival is on!

I am guessing some of you are coming for the festival. In that case would you guys be interested in bringing along prints of your work…essays/singles which we all will put on the local streets of siem reap? those who are not coming for the festival..would you guys be interested in sending in your prints? the prints can be cheap laser prints in a3 size..we know they are not the best prints in the world but they are affordable and great to leave for people to take. you could also send decent sized files to us. We are collecting money to print about 10-15 sets of works to take with us there. The photo of the children of Anjali house will also be a part of the blowup and we’ll be putting up the photos with them.

All in all it will be a great way to show pictures to the local people of siem reap who for the time we are there have taken great care of us and many have become friends. And also a way to show our support for this awesome festival which we al so like!

If you do not want to send files or put your photos up on the walls, you are more than welcome to come and help or simply come and have a look

Awaiting your replies!
I know this is on a short notice..but i think we still have enough time to pull it off!
People interested please put your hands up!

some links of articles written around the blowups and some pictures of the exihibitions.
Do ask any questions you might have!

a collaborative exhibition we did with a collective from newcastle england

You can contribute your essay/portfolio to be featured here.
Just a few things you need to keep in mind.

First you can send us low-res images so that we can take a look and we will take it forward with you on email !

Zip all the pictures into one file accompanied with a short write up on the work you are sending in, and, a little about yourself .

Send in your pictures @

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