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Pianist Ingolv Haaland to perform with Khmer singer Srey Ouch Savy and Tro Sao player Yun Theara

The Norwegian pianist and composer Ingolv Haaland will be performing with Khmer singer Srey Ouch Savy and Tro Sao player Yun Theara, at Chinese House on the 12th of October at 7 pm.

The concert will be based on material from the record “Journey”, which consists of Haaland’?s compositions, with Khmer lyrics by Savy and leads played by Theara. Savy’s beautiful voice and Theara’s interpretation adds a Cambodian touch to the music and makes it a fusion of European and Asian music.

The style of the music is calm, quiet and ambient with a hint of lounge-style. After living in Siem Reap for a year, in 2006/07, Haaland fell in love with the country and way of living. He has since been back several times, recording music in Phnom Penh. Lately he has lectured at the Royal University of Fine Arts -Faculty of Music in Phnom Penh, and is planning to do a workshop with the students. Haaland is looking forward to working with the university, and hopefully to continue to be involved in projects and concerts in the future.

Haaland is currently teaching at the University of Agder in Norway and has a degree as Master of Performing Arts in Piano. He has worked as a freelance musician and musical director in Scandinavia for 16 years, working with artists such as Sarah Brightman, and a variety of symphony orchestras and theatres in Norway. Srey Ouch Savy has performed with artists like Peter Gabriel and recorded with Cambodian master Kong Nay. Professor Yun Theara is Master of the Tro and one of the most sought-after musicians in Cambodia.

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