Quora question: Do Cambodian students speak English well?

A very good question asked on Quora: Do Cambodian students speak English well?
Here’s what CamboPedia had to answer:
In Urban areas and tourist destinations like Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, young Cambodians speak English fluently. It’s the language for this new generation to get a good job. While they don’t learn the language at the public school from the early age, they take extra class in the evening.

Nishikanta Verma, a self-described Cambodia enthusiast, also responded to the question. And here’s the excerpt:

I also know a monk who is studying (so that makes him a student) and who takes great pains to write proper English when he communicates with me on Facebook. We have not met, so I do not know how is spoken English is, but I’m sure it’s not bad.

I have met a number of young Cambodians who may or may not be students and they all managed in English. Some good, some not so, but they were trying.

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