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Samapeap Tarr – emerging artist

jGALLERY/JavaArts is proud to announce that Samapeap Tarr (Peap) is now represented by the gallery, along with other emerging Cambodian artists that are leading the new wave of contemporary art in Cambodia. Peap recently moved to Cambodia, the home of his mother, bringing his unique graffiti style and collaborative approach. Much of his work is influenced by Asia-pacific cultures and Cambodian storytelling.

For images of his recent and past work:

Peap is scheduled to exhibit new work together with four other graffiti artists from the region the beginning of April at Java Café
& Gallery.

Peap over the years has received international attention via the media including magazines such as Hi Fructose issue 7, Computer Arts China, Faesthetic magazine issue 9 and 11, Clouded Thoughts (Australia), Acclaim Magazine, North and South (NZ current affairs magazine) and various other local magazines in New Zealand.

Peap has also appeared in the Qantas Media award-winning New Zealand art show “The Gravy” which features him in Series 3, Episode 2. Another recent documentary that Peap has been involved with and one of great significance to his birth place of New Zealand is the project called Canvassing The Treaty which is bringing together of six artists from diverse backgrounds, pairing them up, educating them about the Treaty of Waitangi, and watching dawning realizations for some as they produce equally diverse works of art.

Having exhibited in Los Angeles USA, Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, Peap has now set his sights on the whole Asian region particularly the South East Asian region to really take his art and crew to new heights on grand creative level and to make new and exciting projects happen “I am always looking forward to making new and exciting projects happen on the creative level every day and to follow through with my goals and ambitions.”

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