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Save The Flicks Movie House in Phnom Penh?

An Twitter message from Ramon Stoppelenburg @ramonesENG:

Help me Save The Flicks Movie House in Phnom Penh! You can participate with a small contribution as a LOAN or donation!


What it would look like if Wild Turkey Man put his ‘business’ online. #PhnomPenh


(NOT) to do list: Help a rich expat raise 10k to buy the pirate movie house in starving Cambodia.

@ramonesENG I hope they like spam for breakfast (lunch, dinner).

help me buy a bar to watch tv with my friends. when I make money back, i’ll give it to kiva in my name on your behalf.

@john_weeks @CamboDonut sent to everyone he knows. @apsaratravel1 key money, kiva, red herring, funny


@PhnomPhlegm @CamboDonut I got that request too! #Charity4Bootleggers #Flicks

@PhnomPhlegm Actually whole ‘grey market’ of piracy is fascinating topic in Cambo.That said, I’m not ponying up to fund a bar as ‘charity’.

@CamboDonut @PhnomPhlegm I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm 4 how copyright is deployed. And Flicks is a fun venue. But it ain’t a *charity*.


@john_weeks @PhnomPhlegm besides the fact it’s a ridiculous request, has he considered that bootleg dvd’s are available all over Cambo???

  1. Ooh, Sharon Levinson (previous comment) is film maker and anti-piracy activist Jason Rosette. So sad that he has to work it all out this way…

  2. Now that is a most intriguing notion, Monique ~ but I can assure you I am not Sharon Levinson!

    As I mentioned to the aspiring new proprietor of The Flicks in an email, 3rd party material appears to be coming from a ‘rogue source’, unaffiliated with myself or my known colleagues.

    Some of that 3rd party content is accurate, however, such as the current Flicks owners’ involvement in attempting to derail a Cambodian government approved cultural project, a movie festival we organize in Cambodia, the CamboFest, Cambodia Film Festival (

    Talk about ‘sad’, Monique, I thought this was pretty ‘sad’:

    Getting back to the core piracy topic you touched upon: I do agree that filmmakers should be compensated for their work when it’s exhibited at an aspiring cinema venue such as The Flicks and others around Cambodia.

    In a normal, functioning territory, this view isn’t considered ‘anti-piracy activism’ – just a reasonable and normal way of keeping an industry alive.

    I mentioned to the aspiring new proprietor of The Flicks that I’d encourage putting extra effort and resources towards conducting outreach to filmmakers, studios, and title owners in order to secure their bona-fide participation in any film screenings, as per normal industry standards.

    It’s likely that many of them would be willing to cut a very favorable deal, or even offer their work for free given Cambodia’s developing market status. This may also be an opportunity to help move Cambodia’s film industry forward by demonstrating diligence in this area.

    It does take more work, but if the plan is to run an ‘actual cinema’, it’s the professional way to go and the effort would reflect well on Cambodia’s standing in the international media trade.

    All the Best,

    Jason Rosette

  3. The Flicks is not about the Cambodian film industry, it’s about movies we just don’t get to see anywhere on a big screen in Cambodia, because there IS NO legal movie distributing system. So you think the big guys at Warner Bros and Sony Pictures will actually tell the new owner of the Flicks that he can have a legal license for their movies to be shown in a wooden movie room that can’t take more than 28 people?! And that that new guy can actually pay that fee?

    Get a life and get into action when somebody has built a 6 giant rooms cinema complex in town and shows pirated movies only. This is the Flicks man, a charming relaxing spot that is supported by many (!) local expats who sometimes want to do something else than drinking at the bars and don’t want to watch their $1.5 DVD’s from the market on their plasma screens at their homes.

  4. I liked Flicks and used to go there on occasion to catch a movie. I was more than happy to support them buy buying a ticket and a couple of drinks. But when a professional beggar tried spinning a private business and bar as some kind of cultural charity so that he could solicit ‘donations’ and have ‘fund raising,’ they lost me.

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