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SenseFiction Phnom Penh

All over the World, from Manila to Paris, Brussels to Dakar, MakeSense gangters will gather people to imagine & develop concepts of social start-ups during the “WorldWide SenseFiction Day” on April 2. 100 social start-ups will be developed in only 1 day! For the occasion, the hotspot of Phnom Penh is organizing its SenseFiction.
If you want to solve a social or environmental issue
If you always wanted to start your business
If you already have (OR NOT) an idea of a project
If you want to share your superpowers with initiators of projects
If you want to discover an innovation methodology
If you want to meet people to join your start-up team

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  • * No particular skills are necessary to be part of the event. diversity is the most welcome!

We will guide you through an innovation methodology and help you come up with a concept of a social enterprise in 4 hours.

When: April 2 at 9am-12pm

Where: Impact Hub Phnom Penh

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