A Day Trip to the Silk Island from Phnom Penh

The Silk Island (or Koh Sach known among locals) has been a popular day trip for bikers and Phnom Penh visitors who want to take a break from the crowded capital city. If you want to spend a relaxing time away from Phnom Penh, you should pay a visit to this Silk Island, a local pinic place on the entire, big Koh Oknha Tei.

Koh Oknha Tei

While the Silk Island is more known to tourists, the name of the entire island is Koh Oknha Tei. Oknah is a honorific title given by His Majesty the King of Cambodia. Thus, the entire island is named after Oknha Tei, who a long time ago contributed greatly to this commune. So, on this Oknha Tei island, there are several more places called islands. It’s as if there are smaller islands (at least by name) on this Koh Oknha Tei.

Silk Island or Koh Dach

Known for being a village that makes Krama and Khmer silks (or silk weaving village), tourists get there to visit the homes of villagers who still work on this by hands. In addition to this, there are places to hang out for a drink or lunch. Unlike in Kien Svay, another local picnic site, the Khmer villagers on this Silk Island don’t market much their local produces like vegetables and fruits. As you get on and drive into the middle part of the island, you can see the green fields where corns, papayas, and mangoes.

How to Get to the Silk Island

It’s easy to get there. The distance from Wat Phnom to the Silk Island is about 10 km or about an hour drive. You can hire a Tuk Tuk for a day long trip or just get a PassApp driver. To across the Mekong river, there are ferries getting back and forth. Usually, it doesn’t take long to wait to catch the ferry, which cost about a dollar for a round ferry cross. When you get to the other side, you would realize that it’s a rural Cambodian village still in development. It might not be long that this small, beautiful island will be transformed into a village of village and boutique hotels.

  • 45-minute tuk-tuk from central Phnom Penh
  • Crossing the Mekong river by ferry at Prek Leap: $1 for round trip

Chamkar Sneh (Love Farm)

Inside the Koh Sneh, visitors can have this pool in the river

On the way to the Silk Island, there is a picnic place called Love Island (Koh Sneh). Within this small resort, visitors can take a look at the silk worms, some animals, and Khmer traditional houses. There is a small resort on the Silk Island that is called Koh Sneh. You can also order meals and sit by the riverside.

  • Entrance ticket: $1
  • Swimming: $1

Mekong Keo Morokot Island

There is a new resort or picnic site, Koh Mekong Keo Morokot (maybe run by a Chinese business group) on the other end of the Oknha Tey island. More about Mekong Keo Morokot when it’s officially opened (hopefully in the next few months).

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