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Former Singapore PM fears Cambodia’s relations with China

Whistle-blower site Wikileaks says Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew concerns about Cambodia’s close relations with China. More from on the leak of American diplomatic cables relating to Cambodia.

The Rise of Great Powers
Thursday, 04 June 2009, 09:08
Lee [Kuan Yew] said China is following an approach consistent with ideas in the Chinese television series “The Rise of Great Powers.” The mistake of Germany and Japan had been their effort to challenge the existing order.

The Chinese are not stupid; they have avoided this mistake. China’s economy has surpassed other countries, with the exceptions of Japan and the United States.

Even with those two countries, the gap is closing, with China growing at seven-nine percent annually, versus two-three percent in the United States and Japan. Overall GDP, not GDP per capita, is what matters in terms of power. China has four times the population of the United States.

China is active in Latin America, Africa, and in the Gulf. Within hours, everything that is discussed in ASEAN meetings is known in Beijing, given China’s close ties with Laos, Cambodia, and Burma


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