Soma Serei Norodom on Khmer Rouge Toul Sleng prison

Soma Serei Norodom, a royal family member, has a nice personal weblog.

Holding a Master Degree in Mass Communication from California State University, Fresno, the blogger posted some photos of Toul Sleng with her experience visiting the infamous Khmer Rouge prison.
Soma Serei Norodom

Soma Serei Norodom describes that:

As I write in my blog of my experiences in Cambodia, one landmark I visited has tugged at my heart. That place is the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. Before the Khmer Rouge came into power in April 1975, Toul Sleng Svay Prey was a primary school and high school, where students learned Khmer and French, math and science, and had hope for a bright future. The classrooms were filled with teachers lecturing and kids laughing, and now, Toul Sleng is a museum, a memorial, dedicated to the victims of S-21 Prison during Pol Pot’s reign. Haunting photographs of prisoners, tortured tools and machines, human skulls, and 14 victim corpses are displayed at the museum, as Toul Sleng is a testament of the madness of the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge reign in Cambodia ranked as the most disastrous in modern history.

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