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Sovanpanhcha: film

Directed by Yvon Hem, 130 min., 1970, Khmer version.

Here is a unique opportunity to see the actor Van Vannak! Although he acted in 25 films, the 24 others no longer exist.

Prince Phinvong Koma discovers that the giant Krong Kram killed his father and concealed his body in order to become king in his place.

The prince narrowly escapes death himself when Garuda Phy Yol Pheak, an old friend of Krong Kram, saves the prince and his mother.

The prince then learns magic from Garuda and seeks out the giant Krong Kram for revenge. But on the way, he meets Sovanpanhcha…

Where: Bophana Center, #64 Street 200
When: Saturday Aug. 28, 16:00

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