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Cambodia's timeline of tragedy: 2000 – 2010

September 2000
Cambodia flood fears
Officials in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh have warned the the city could be flooded by the waters of the Mekong river.
Cambodian officials say the water levels there are the highest for 70 years.

By Night, a Fierce Rebel
Even posing beside a cannon, Chhun Yasith looks more tourist than terrorist. The self-styled commander of the Cambodian Freedom Fighters cuts a fairly unconvincing figure: a doughy, chino-clad little man mugging for the camera.

January 2003
Actress at centre of Cambodian furore darling of Thais
The Thai actress embroiled in the current diplomatic crisis between Thailand and Cambodia is one of the most popular faces gracing the small screen in both Thailand and Cambodia.

June 2005
Revenge was Siem Reap attackers’ goal
SIEM REAP, Cambodia — A deadly Cambodian school siege started out as an attempt to murder the children of a South Korean expatriate who had employed one of the four attackers, the police said Friday.

Cambodia Evictions
In 1975, the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime emptied this city to create a new peasant society. Thirty one years on, thousands of people are again being ordered to leave the city, but this time it’s not for a Marxist Revolution, it’s for the greed of Cambodia’s rich and powerful – seizing the land of their poorest people.

June 2007
Bad weather caused Cambodia plane crash: official
KAMPOT, Cambodia : A chartered tourist plane that disappeared in Cambodia likely crashed in bad weather, officials said Tuesday as more than 1,000 rescuers continued to scour dense forests for the wreck.

July 2008
Troop buildup escalates at temple on Cambodian-Thai border
PREAH VIHEAR, Cambodia — Cambodia and Thailand escalated their troop buildup Thursday at disputed territory near a historic border temple despite their agreement to hold talks next week to defuse the tensions, a Cambodian general said.

September 2009
Typhoon kills dozens in Vietnam, Cambodia
Typhoon Ketsana extended its trail of destruction across Southeast Asia Wednesday, killing at least 66 people in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and unleashing some of the worst floods in a decade.

November 2010
Water Festival Crowds Turn Deadly as More Than 300 Die
Cambodia’s annual Water Festival ended Monday with more than 300 revelers killed in a stampede, officials said.

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