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First Cambodia's Starbucks Coffee opened

Just to give an idea of how the first Starbucks in Cambodia looks like 🙂 A photo posted by Santel Phin (@khmerbird) on Dec 22, 2015 at 12:46am PST The Phnom Penh Post’s Ananth Baliga briefly reported: Starbucks opens doors in airport.

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Phnom Penh's painted White Building you may have never seen

Phnom Penh progress..battling heat, rain, mosquitos, bureaucracy and lift issues to paint something uplifting in a place that could actually benefit from more painted walls.. Video: @pacoraterta #IglooHong Foundation @davidchoe @mattrevelli @d_maddux @chally_dang @mr_aryz @jamesjeanart @jaworskijason @steve_erana @tuandrew8 #NotBasel #Cambodia #ភ្នំពេញ A …

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In Phnom Penh, when the rain is over

Phnom Penh was flooded with rain today. Interesting to see how people got through it. Some waded in the water for a swim… Posted by Banyanblog on Thursday, 3 September 2015 Monivong road in Phnom Penh is under about 10-20 cms of water. …

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Why you should love to hate Phnom Penh traffic

Updated: January 18, 2016 #PhnomPenh traffic! Credit: Facebook pic. #Cambodia #trafficKH — Bun Sengkong (@bunsengkong) January 16, 2016 Traffic in #PhnomPenh #Cambodia At the intersection of Sihanouk Blvd and Monireth #onlyincambodia — Cambopedia (@cambopedia) August 19, 2015 @cambopedia .. things are different …

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