"The hermit and the tiger" & "The two neighbors"

Two stories adapted from Khmer tales, directed by Narith Roeun and produced by Bophana Center, Khmer Version with English Subtitles

The master hermit saves the tiger (32 min., 2010) A tiger is bitten and killed by a snake when he falls asleep on top of the snake’s nest. A hermit passes by and feels pity for the tiger and heals him. But the tiger is ungrateful and tries to eat the hermit because he has been woken up. The hermit seeks the advice of a court, but in vain! All the courts fear the power of the tiger…

The two neighbors (25 min., 2008) Chan and Sok go trapping in the bush. One trap is placed at the foot of a tree while the other is placed at the top of the same tree. In the morning, Sok is surprised to see a deer caught in the bird trap at the top of a tree. He files a complaint against his friend…

Where: Bophana Center, 64 Street 200 (map)
When: Saturday Aug. 7, 16:00

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