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The Immortal Seeds: life goes on for a Khmer family

Authored by Sambath Meas, a creative nonfiction student at Northwestern University, The Immortal Seeds is one of the rare books even written by a Cambodian-born writer.

The Vietnam War had a major impact on the American people and politics. Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world do not know that the Vietnam War also happened in Cambodia and Laos. This is a story of a Khmer family that lived through the legacy of the Nixon/Kissinger doctrine that helped the Khmer Rouge rise to power, resulting in the murder of over one million of their own people. Although almost two million Khmers had perished, those of us who survived this dark period and dispersed all over the world are their immortal seeds.

Retired Norodom Sihanouk says about the book that “King Grandfather would like to wish that your memoir The Immortal Seeds will become successful.”

The published author is currently in Chicago and blogging at

Her 200-page paperback is available for purchase online.

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