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The Phnom Penh Post publisher's arrest tale

Via The Irrawaddy: Dunkley Accused of Assault

Dunkley’s arrest last week was not because he overstayed his visa, which is due to expire on Feb. 27, but was directly linked with the reported assault case, according to inside sources at the newspaper.

And via The Phnnom Penh Post:

Ross Dunkley, the publisher of The Phnom Penh Post, has been arrested by Myanmar authorities in Yangon on suspicion of violating the country’s immigration laws.

In a statement on Saturday, David Armstrong, chairman of Post Media Ltd, said Dunkley, who is also CEO and editor-in-chief of the weekly Myanmar Times, was arrested on Thursday under Section 13(1) of Myanmar’s Immigration (Emergency Provisions) Act after returning from a business trip to Japan.

So was Ross Dunkley, the Phnom Penh Post publisher, was arrested under an immigration case or with the reported assault case?

  1. The major charges relate to the assault case – actually three charges all over one incident, a sex worker whom Dunkley is alleged to have assaulted, imprisoned and drugged. As these are criminal charges, Dunkley is automatically deemed to be in breach of immigration law. (He had NOT overstayed his visa at the time of his arrest, although it has run out now).

    The woman who supposedly filed the complaint leading to the three criminal charges has since attempted to withdraw her statement, but has not been allowed to do so. Dunkley, or someone claiming to be Dunkley, has circulated a different version of events – this is very obscure. In fact the whole case is obscure.

    The judge is supposed to hand down a verdict today, 29 March. Presumably he’s already done so, but we won’t know what it is till tomorrow. Anyway, there’s a good chance Dunkley will be found guilty and deported.

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