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The Remnants of Bokor and Kep

Photography by Eric Alan Pritchard
Opening 6 – 9pm Wednesday, October 13
Java Café & Gallery, 56 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Showing October 13 – November 21, 2010

Java presents the beautifully-detailed black&white photography of Eric Alan Pritchard, whose work spans the globe. Eric explores the abandoned homes of Kep and the famous Bokor Palace Casino on Bokor mountain through his lens, highlighting structural details, texture and graffiti on the walls, bringing together the past and present in one moment.

Artist Bio:
Eric Alan Pritchard, a fine art photographer for over 20 years, began with traditional landscape genres and travel documentary in his early career.

Eric has gone on to develop a unique approach to nudes and organic objects, evolving his style into one of delicate shapes and spare, luminous abstractions. By contrast, Eric’s richly detailed photographs from Angkor Wat in Cambodia reveal with a dark glow the tangled layers and textures that are the embodiment of mystery in that sacred location.

Also rich in darkness and detail are Eric’s images of the French colonial ruins of the Bokor Hill Station and coastal mansions of Kep in Cambodia. After many years of shooting exclusively black and white, Eric began to work in color again on the waters of southern Thailand in 2004, and more recently he has been exploring a form of reductive minimalism in his photographs of the horizon, made at his beachfront home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, spanning a variety of years and styles is Eric’s commitment to documenting large trees throughout California and around the world, as these giant living things embody both the beauty of nature and the fragile balance between man and Earth. To see more work by Eric, please visit

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