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The Widow's Farm & Village People Radio Show

Muslims, communists and the civil war in Thailand’s deep south
An ethnic separatist insurgency is taking place in the South of Thailand, where over 5000 people have been killed in the last 6 years.

The Widow’s Farm (2008. 30 mins) by Nico Mesterharm follows a Buddhist and a Muslim woman, who have both lost their husbands in the civil war. Village People Radio Show (2007, 72 mins) by Amir Muhammad is a portrait of village life in South Thailand, home of retired Malay-Muslim members of the communist party of neighboring Malaysia.

Recollections of the decades-long guerrilla war are interspersed with a Thai radio soap opera. The film is banned in Malaysia and was screened on various film festivals in Asia.

When: Wed October 06, 2010
Where: Meta House Phnom Penh
German Cambodian Cultural Center
#37, Sothearos Blvd
Info: 010 – 312 333

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