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The year that was: Cambodia of 2010

January 2010
Cambodia seeks arrest of opposition leader Sam Rainsy
A court in Cambodia has ordered the arrest of the country’s opposition leader after he failed to appear in court over an incident at the contested eastern border with Vietnam.

February 2010
The Khmer riche: making a killing in Cambodia
Meet the spoilt, young elite who, unlike most Cambodians, enjoy the privileges of wealth – and aren’t ashamed to flaunt it.

March 2010
Cambodia army says 88 Thais dead in two-year border clashes
A senior Cambodian army official said Wednesday his troops have killed at least 88 Thai soldiers over the past two years in clashes near an ancient temple on a disputed frontier.

April 2010
BHP’s Cambodia colleagues watch on: John Durie
NEWS that BHP is under US SEC investigation for alleged payments to government officials in Cambodia has underlined the caution needed in dealing in some developing countries.

May 2010
Sand dredging threatens Cambodia’s coasts
Sand dredging in Cambodia, fueled by Singapore’s expansion and land reclamation projects, poses a huge risk to Cambodia’s coastal environment, says a new report.

June 2010
Cambodian coup plotter gets life in prison
A U.S. citizen who plotted the overthrow of the Cambodian government was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday in federal court in Los Angeles.

July 2010
TED Prize Winner Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity Dishes on Cambodia and Design Like You Give a Damn
Cambodia has “yet to be spoilt by poorly built ‘Westernized’ block construction.”

August 2010
Cambodia to sign cooperation deal with Iran on oil

September 2010
Cambodia seeks U.N. help in Thai temple row
Cambodia has asked the United Nations Security Council for an emergency meeting to resolve a military stand-off with Thailand over an ancient temple on their border.

October 2010
Cambodia denies Thai assassination plot allegation
Cambodia on Tuesday strongly denied allegations that members of Thailand’s anti-government “Red Shirt” movement were trained at a Cambodian army base to assassinate Thai leaders, including the prime minister.

November 2010
Cambodia stampede (Photos)
Cambodia stampede (Photos)
At least 378 people have died in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the city is steeling itself for that number to rise. People celebrating the end of the rainy season got caught up in a stampede as they crossed a narrow bridge Monday. In panic, the crowd trampled on itself, and many fell over into the river below.

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