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This weekend's film screening at Meta House

Tonight (FRI, 01/10, 7PM) we’d like to invite you for one of the most successful films at Meta House. “SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT” (2009, 107mins) is based on a memoir by journalist Benjamin Pruefer, who fell in love with a Khmer bar girl. Both are little more than kids in appearance but their characters in real life face tremendous problems when Ben returns to Hamburg and Sreykeo discovers she is HIV-positive.

The film is screened in Khmer version with English subtitles. Moreover we show the trailer, which documents the Cambodian premiere screening at Cinema Lux as well as the “making-of”, shot by Marc Eberle.

Same Same but Different film
Are you ready for the love of your life in your early twenties?

Please be our guest for tonight’s screening or on the following days:

* SAT, 02/10, 7PM
Conspiracy theories allege that “the 9/11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were a false flag operation orchestrated by an organization with elements inside the US government, so the US could go to war in the Middle East”. 7PM: Filmmakers of “SEPTEMBER CLUES” (2008, 92mins) believe that the power of TV-imagery was the driving force behind the “9/11 deception”. 8.45PM: New computer analysis (2010, 22mins) sheds light “on what most likely caused damage to the World Trade Center”. 9.15PM: “ZERO” (2008, 104mins) challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks with contributions by Gore Vidal and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo.

* SUN, 03/10, 7PM
The pedigree of Werner Herzog and David Lynch is enough to make any fan of cult film salivate. In “MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE” (2009, 91mins) the two aucteurs have joined forces for the first time in their careers to create a film that is truly worthy of their affiliation. Brilliantly directed and featuring a stellar cast, – including Willem Dafoe & Michael Shannon – this film concerns a man whom, after acting in and becoming obsessed with a Greek play, chooses to do that which his character does; kill his mother with a sword used as a prop in the production. At 9PM we screen David Lynch’s fascinating debut “ERASERHEAD” (1976, 89mins).

Where: Meta House Phnom Penh
German Cambodian Cultural Center
#37, Sothearos Blvd
Info: 010 – 312 333

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