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a WASH collaboration performed poetry in soundscape

written, arranged, performed, improvised, captured and set free by
Warren Daly, Alex Leonard, Scott Bywater and Hal FX.

7:30pm Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Downstairs at Java Café & Gallery

FREE entrance

This three-part work, Triptych, reflects three recurring themes that
have arisen over the past two years of poems at

Phnom Penh/earth

the art of travel/fire through air

the art of living/water

Inspired by the music as it was created, artists Chhan Dina
) and Adriana Snochowska have painted backdrops for the performance,
reflecting the three sections. Video projections have been prepared by
Warren Daly.

Scott explains:

My poems are generally spontaneous, improvised, unpolished. They live,
and are written, in moments. They are not often read aloud. Particular
themes have become apparent over time, sometimes to the extent of
being repetitive. Triptych seeks to draw out these themes and images
through sonic, harmonic, rhythmic and visual expression, a
collaboration at once structured and improvised.

This project has allowed me to explore unknown territory, in the
creation of electronic music, in working with musicians outside the
rock’n’roll or jazz spheres, in reading-as-if-singing.


Warren Daly

With a background in pirate radio, clubs and festivals, Warren Daly
made the move from DJing to creating and performing his own music and
live visuals as the curtain closed on the last millennium. His
experience in the Irish music scene led him to co-found record label
Invisible Agent, releasing its first 12″ vinyl in 2004 before making
the move to an all digital catalogue as an internationally-focused
netlabel which he now runs from Phnom Penn, Cambodia.

The disparate sounds of Ireland, South Africa and Cambodia serve as
living inspiration for Daly, and while Invisible Agent continues to
showcase a cavalcade of emerging Ambient, Electro, Electronica, Techno
and Breakbeat talent, his eclectic approach to electronica has
propelled him into the studio and out onto the stage with a series of
remixes and releases under this own name, described by DJ Mag as
“jaw-droppingly beautiful arrangements glistening melodies
accompanied by languid breaks”.

A passionate believer in the power of the netlabel, Daly has been
producing the AgentCast series of podcasts since 2006, highlighting
the best in beats and breaks from the world of netlabels, and now
curates the monthly podcast for Netlabelism magazine

Artist Website

Alex Leonard

Involved in music from an early age, Alex became interested in
electronic music in the late 90’s. He first started experimenting
with music production in 2000 and proceeded to study sound engineering
and music technology. Since then Alex has done sound design and music
composition for numerous short films, documentaries, art performances,
plays, installations and a feature film.

Alex also releases music under the name “Ebauche” which covers a
range of dark beat driven electronic music, to sublime ambient
cascades, to simple piano compositions. He plans to release a
full-length album mid-2013 on Invisible Agent Records.

Artist Website


Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater is a kind of a music guy, who writes a bit. Less
vaguely: a poet and singer/songwriter, a founder member of the
Cambodian Space Project, and a familiar face within the expat Phnom
Penh music and arts community. He returned to writing poetry in 2011,
establishing a blog, thesilverpepperofthestars. Poems from this blog
have been published in two volumes, a certain flow (2012) and one sky,
many skies (2013).

Scott currently lives out of a suitcase in Phnom Penh, and likes it
like that.

Artist Website

Hal Fx

Music Producer and creative force behind Audio Mainline.

Creating hypnotic cinematic music and remixes. Along with soundtracks
for video and sonic-art installations for various galleries.

Collaborative works have also featured various artists from Audioweb,
Lamb and The Smiths, to the Beethoven Orchestra. Influences range from
electronica, dub, classical and the far east.

Hal will be performing live ambient guitars using Protools for the
WASH collaboration.

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