Best Place to Live in Phnom Penh: Tuol Kouk district

Which district in Phnom Penh is the best place to live? Tuol Kork means the ground hill. Tuol Kork, which literally means ground hill in Khmer, is becoming more and more an ideal choice to live a relaxing life in Phnom Penh. The district is largely known for villas and quiet life. In the 1990s, Toul Kork (or Tumnub Toul Kork) was also infamously known as one of Phnom Penh red light districts. However, brothel houses and prostitutes are no longer the case here as private schools, clinics, and restaurants are taking over the area. This blog post will discuss why Toul Kork is the best place for those who want to move to Cambodia and settle in Phnom Penh, the largest capital city.

Shopping in Toul Kork district

An open air shopping area where you can buy Adidas shoes and sip Brown coffee. When you crave for fast food, you can quickly order a slice of pizza or grab some sandwiches at Bread Talk and head straight to the cinema a few walks away. The Lucky Supermarket is also there, where busy residents come buy groceries and vegetables to cook at home. In addition to shopping at the TK Avenue, the Toul Kork residents also have many other choices. The Thai Huot Market is just quick drive from the Toul Kork roundabout. There is also an in Toul Kork district. In 2017, the district also has a new, convenient AEON Maxvalu as well as a new Bayon Supermarket.


One of the first things for many people when moving to live or stay long term in Cambodia is health services. While Phnom Penh is way behind Bangkok, the city has more offerings now than the past decade.

Eat and drink

One of the best places to eat seafood in Toul Kork is Sonivid Fresh Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is popular among Phnom Penh residents for its good seafood. Craving for crabs or squids, you can order the dish you wish. At Sonivid Fresh Seafood Restaurant, you get a good taste as if you’re at the Crab Market in Kep or beach town Sihanouville. The Toul Kork branch of Sonivid is part of an expansion of the restaurant as it has various locations in Phnom Penh. The prices for the dishes are quite reasonable, too. There are other seafood restaurants like Ratana Srey Mao on the Boulevard.

Living in Toul Kork, you also have many choices for good coffee shops to hang out as if you’re in Beung Keng Kang 1 area. Until now, there is no Starbucks Coffee shop in Toul Kork neighborhood just yet, but it’s just a matter of time. Local chain Brown Coffee is at TK Avenue. American franchise Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is just around the corner. What about a cup of coffee from Lao? You’ve got Joma Coffee and Bakery. Believe it or not, there is also a place called Budapest Coffee Workshop, small unique in its own setting.

CamKo: Phnom Penh satellite city

The new apartment buildings, Borey, and even the Aeon mega mall, the second one, are good addition to the Toul Kork neighborhood. At the CamKo area, people enjoy jogging, cycling, and breathing their early evening time. This area is a good place for your outdoor exercise.

University areas

Royal University of Phnom Penh, the Institute of Foreign Language, and Institute of Technology of Cambodia are some good places to walk the dog and sit down to breath good of Phnom Penh air.

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