Ron Gluckman's conversation with Chanthol Sun

In a December issue in Forbe Asia, foreign correspondent Ron Gluckman talks with Cambodian Commerce Minister Chanthol Sun.

Here’s how Ron profiled Cambodia’s rising star minister:

A freewheeling proponent of free trade and a booster of international commerce agreements, he’s dedicated to streamlining business regulations, training the workforce and taking Cambodia online. Foreign investors view Sun, 59, as Cambodia’s most Western-minded official, which is no surprise.

Here’s probably the best part of the conversation:

Ron Gluckman: There are concerns that Cambodia has cozied up to China.

Chanthol Sun: The Chinese are the largest investors in Cambodia. Around $10 billion. They’ve been the largest since about 1998 because they started with infrastructure, power plants, roads. Without that we cannot develop our economy. Some people tell Cambodians, “Why do you rely on China so much?” Our investment law does not favor one country over the other. We treat all investors equally, whether from the West or China or Cambodia. Whoever wants to invest, we welcome.

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