The Village Report: 'Breakfast in Cambodia'

Open invite garden party & light board games
Where: The Terrace Street 95, Phnom Penh
When: 1 September at 18:00–20:00
Free. Ages 0+. Open invitation. All welcome.

6.00 Introductions
6:30 Games
7.00 Reading
7.30 Conversations

KISMUTH BOOKS will release a new title, *Breakfast in Cambodia*, on September 1.

It’s by author Dipika Kohli (TEDx, NPR).

*Breakfast in Cambodia* is the first in book in a new series, The Village Report, which chronicles the true story of abandoning a way of life and a set of ideals for ‘how things should be done.’ The Village Report started as a monthly column for two US publications from 2013-2015, both in places where Kohli has ties. (Saathee in North Carolina, and Northwest Asian Weekly in Seattle).

*Breakfast* is the true story of disconnecting from life in a rich, Western country on ‘the road’ in south and southeast Asia. Of landing in Phnom Penh, and reinventing a sense of self.

‘AFTER THE STORY ENDS,’ says Kohli, ‘you think you have a way to talk about what happened. The good stuff, the road, the sharing, the journey. You try to do this in a way that’s cohesive and consistent. You put things into 750-word columns for someone somewhere on the other side of the world, whom you hope will enjoy it. You want to know if someone is reading, and engaging, and every so often you will get a tiny note that says something like, ‘I clip your essay every month,’ and it makes you think, *Keep going*. –DK

Pre-order THE VILLAGE REPORT [USD $12] at:

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