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Violence crime in Cambodia

In the local newspapers everyday, petty crime news stories make the most coverage. Rape, sex with children, domestic violence, traffic accident, and others are of interest of residents of Phnom Penh and other major cities.

Since the last couple of days, though, daylight killings have become front-page stories as the bloodshed crimes make readers wonder the motive behind the crimes.

A bakery owner was shot down in his very luxurious vehicle and his body was dropped just outside the Ministry of Defense in bursting Phnom Penh.

A restaurant near Takmao became a pool of bloodshed where all family members were murdered. An advisor to Chea Sim, President of the National Assembly of Cambodia, was robbed shortly when he got out of his car; the robbers got away with their motorcycle with about US$40000.

In the local media today, another three people in a family of five were killed in their own house near Russian market. This leaves a son and a daughter in curiosity as the crime took place and the murderers still remain at large.

Is Phnom Penh safe for you to live? Please share your thoughts.

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