Voting for Aki Ra to win CNN Hero of the Year is still open

Voting for Aki Ra to be the CNN Hero of the Year is still open; voting continues through November 18th (6am ET) at

What Aki Ra, who is helping to make his native Cambodia safer by clearing land mines, has to say recently when nominated as one of this year’s CNN Hero:
“When I got the call, I had spent the day working in Siem Reap. I spend much of the week in the minefield with our team. I was very excited to be recognized for the work our NGO does. I have never been chosen by anyone for anything. I am very grateful to be recognized by CNN for the work we do.

I hope that it will bring more help to Cambodian Self Help Demining and Cambodia to clear the many landmines and unexploded ordinance that is left in our country.

Our organization is run by Khmer people, working for our country. We want people to know that the landmine problem in Cambodia has not gone away. People are being injured all the time and we are working to make Cambodia safe.”

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