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Wat Bo village

Wat Bo village is known for its silk-weaving industry

Wat Bo village is a traditional Cambodian village located in the Siem Reap province, known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and rich cultural heritage. Here are a few interesting things about Wat Bo village:

  1. Wat Bo village is home to the Wat Bo temple, a Buddhist temple built in the 18th century that is known for its intricate carvings and well-preserved frescoes.
  2. The village is known for its traditional wooden houses, many of which have been converted into guesthouses and small hotels for tourists.
  3. Wat Bo village is known for its silk-weaving industry, and visitors can observe the traditional silk-weaving process and purchase locally-made silk products.
  4. The village is home to a number of local artisans and craftspeople, and visitors can purchase a variety of traditional handicrafts including silk scarves, pottery, and silverware.
  5. Wat Bo village is also home to a number of traditional wooden pagodas, many of which are adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures.
  6. The village is also known for its lively night market, where visitors can purchase a variety of locally made goods, food, and souvenirs.
  7. Wat Bo village is relatively untouched by mass tourism, so it’s a great place to experience a more authentic side of Cambodia.

Wat Bo village in Siem Reap

Wat Bo village is an old place in Siem Reap province, which is not very noisy. There are luxury hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and handicrafts.

At the same time, tourists can have breakfast at the cafe and bakery in Wat Bo village or by the river. Then, tourists can continue to visit the scenery and life of this villager who lives in the city associated with the ancient culture in Siem Reap. Tourists can also get a new tour experience by visiting different cafes and buying handmade souvenirs. In the evening, tourists can relax in the beer garden with music and taste different food.

[caption id=“attachment_715” align=“aligncenter” width=“1024”] Lunch at Tevy’s Place[/caption]

Wat Bo village

Wat Bo Primary School is recognized as a model educational institution, while Wat Reach Bo, with Maha Vimal Dhamma Pin Sem Sereysovano as its chief priest, is also an ancient and well-known pagoda.

The community of the Wat Bo village:

  • Banlle, Swiss-trained Cambodian chef Pola Siv’s vegetarian restaurant, set in a traditional wooden house with a wraparound vegetable and herb garden
  • Cocktail bar and local icon Miss Wong, which moved to its current location on Street 26 from Pub Street in 2020
  • Fermenters Kitchen, a probiotics drinks brand headquartered at Miss Wong
  • Dialogue, a small, hip coffee shop within a charmingly aged shophouse along Street 27
  • Treeline Hotel, a design-led boutique hotel and local arts champion that regularly stages exhibitions featuring established and up-and-coming Cambodian artists
  • Suri Spa, a boutique wellness spa
  • R’miet, a new dining outlet at Treeline Hotel
  • Footprints Café, a co-working space, café and library
  • Tevy’s Place, a restaurant and social enterprise on Street 26
  • Paris Bakery, a French deli and bakery that offers freshly baked pastries, cheese and cured meats
  • The Sugar Palm, chef Kethana Dunnet’s restaurant on Street 27, which serves classic Cambodian dishes based on family recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother
  • Maison 557, a boutique hotel with a charming retro aesthetic and several dining outlets
  • Tompea, a new Khmer fine-dining concept within Maison 557
  • Collector, a small, carefully curated shop of important and vintage vernacular items from across the Kingdom

Wat B village South Eateries

  • Bean Embassy, a coffee shop and roastery
  • Chocolate Garden, a garden café in a picturesque, gated compound of three Cambodian wooden houses, and features a reading room, a playground and weekend maker’s market
  • The acclaimed Cuisine Wat Damnak by chef Joannès Rivière and Nguon Venchhay is the first Cambodian restaurant that made it to the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list
  • The Muffin Man, a pastry and cakes specialist that also serves coffee and savory meals
  • The culinary and hospitality training school and restaurant Haven, which features both alfresco and indoor dining spaces
  • The Keys by liquor company Tomoka, set in a lush and cozy garden surrounded by renovated traditional wooden houses
  • Jomno by young chef Chomnab Seiha, which serves elevated takes on Cambodian street fare

Wat Bo the temple

Wat Bo or Wat Reach Bo is a famous monument and archeological site in Siem Reap, built between 1650. From the roofs of temples, foundations, doors, windows, Buddha statues, thrones, pillars, paintings, paintings are all the most interesting for tourists, national and international researchers.

The magnificence of the elaborate design of the sculptural structures was damaged and lost its original beauty in some places due to the weather, age, reproduction, cracks, dust and smoke, incense, candles and so on. That is why the Apsara Authority has collaborated with Italian experts to renovate this temple in order to preserve and revitalize the culture of ancient Khmer art today.