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Khmer Wedding in Cambodia: In Pictures

What Khmer wedding looks like in the 21st century?

In modern Cambodia, Khmer wedding is a big thing. Cambodian people celebrate this as one of the grandest events in their lifetime. Before long, the Khmer traditional wedding took place for one whole week. During that old time, Cambodian wedding ceremony engaged more than the family members and relatives, but the entire village. However, in modern time Cambodia, the wedding keep both bride and groom of the family members busy for one or two days.

Beautiful wedding photos captured in Mondulkiri province

By New Peace Studio

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Cambodian brides and grooms spend thousands of dollars on the photography services.

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Against the mountainous Mondulkiri backdrop, there is an Audi car next to the new bride and groom.

Looking for the Best Cameras and Accessories for Wedding Photography?

Mondulkiri scenery offers one of the most beautiful backgrounds for wedding photographers.

Outside of Phnom Penh city, some best places for pre-wedding photo shots are Sihanoukville, Kep, Siem Reap, and Mondulkiri Province (Cambodia’s best places for landscape photography). Some wealthy Khmer families would fly to Dubai, if not Kuala Lumpur, for the wedding photo shots.

Khmer Wedding Photos

by Victory Photo Studio

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Other beautiful spots are in Kampot province.

A nice shot on Bokor Mountain

Good to Know

In Cambodia, new couples get advice from pastors, parents, and relatives on both sides. Those advice relate to everyday life to promote a happy relationship in their marriage. Khmer wedding in Cambodia is organized in the following order:

  • Find out if both sides can live together peacefully?
  • Both sides negotiate
  • Setting the date for engagement ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony
  • The above mentioned events can be either large or small, depending on the ability of the family. But they also do not forget that what matters most in a marriage is family happiness.

Before the wedding reception, where both bride and groom serve guests with a lot of food and drink, one remarkable affair is pre-wedding photography.¬†Flowers? If you have attended any Cambodian wedding reception at the Diamond Island, you’d be amazed by the flower decoration inside and outside the dining hall.

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