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Wedding season starts in Cambodia

How many wedding invites have you received so far? None or many. As November begins, many Cambodians are getting busy getting new dresses and outfits to attend wedding receptions. We get phone calls asking for a small lunch or dinner gathering to get the print invitation. The invite usually tells the date and venue where the wedding party takes place.

Generally, the wedding reception is dinner is served. There are between 60 to 100 tables at the party. A table of about 8 dishes for ten guests. Some brides and grooms can afford to host more people, so the number of guests can be more than one thousand.

According to Khmer Institute, Cambodian weddings are

“long and intricate affairs that consist of multiple ceremonies and songs. Below are examples of programs used at two different Khmer weddings to help explain to guests some of the customs and meanings behind the various activities and performances that take place. Although regional and personal differences in wedding rituals do exist, both these programs detail the key elements of traditional Khmer weddings.”

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