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When it rains it floods in Phnom Penh

‘In Phnom Penh, When it Rains it Floods’ is a blog post title appeared on In Asia, a blog by American Think Tank The Asia Foundation. While the blog focuses on weekly insight and features from Asia, this blog post is quite interesting as it grabs readers’ attention to what’s happening in Cambodia as raining becomes the front page news stories.

In the blog post to describe Cambodia facing flood problem to coincide with Blog Action Day’s 2010 focus on water, Lisa Hook, a Program Officer for The Asia Foundation’s Environment Programs, wrote that:

In Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh, these naturally occurring weather patterns also have a significant impact on its urban residents. Phnom Penh is a mix of gridded paved road, dirt alleyways and potholes, and a traffic culture that goes with the flow – or against it. The streets are filled with a bustle of motorbikes, cars, street vendors, and cyclists. When heavy rains set in, however, this activity comes to a halt, and there is no choice but to watch and wait until the rising water levels subside.

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