Words, collages and poetry by Chath pierSath

Words, collages and poetry by Chath pierSath
22 October – 24 November, 2013

Exhibition opening 6:30pm Tues, 22 Oct, 2013
Reading and q&a with the artist 6:30pm Tues, 12 Nov, 2013

Distant Geography looks at the work of artist Chath pierSath, bringing together his collages and writings, exploring language and his unique visual vocabulary as channels for storytelling, history-making and investigation of self. The autobiographical, and often intimate, writings are found on the backs of collages and layered amongst magazine cutouts, paintings and bound in books. In many of the writings, pierSath talks to his family, to Cambodia, to warmongers and their victims through letters and discloses introspective musings through diary entries. As with his collages, the words are written, re-written, painted over and layered with prose and imagery, creating complex pieces that exist at the intersection literature and painting.

The exhibition will display a selection of collages, poems and writings, and a “reading room” for the trilogy of Love, Names and Numbers (a work in progress) displaying both reproductions of the books and enlarged images. In a small room of the gallery, the public is invited to participate in a collaborative poem by adding words and phrases to a wall resulting in a temporary collage.

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