Workshop: Theatre of Movements

6 August – 7 August
6 August at 9:00 to 7 August at 17:00

Where: Sa Sa Art Projects
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This workshop invites participants to share some new and old stories related to movements within, through and beyond Cambodia prompted by a series of case studies. Movement is conceived as a concept in which people, objects or ideas move through, and often change in form, from place to place. In an open forum of mutual unknowing, the facilitators invite participants to experiment and explore responses to these stories through a process of sharing and making.

Participants will be guided in terms of thinking through various artists’ practices and artifacts starting from five departure stories: the strange love affair trip of surrealist artist Max Ernst that brought him to Angkor in 1924, Malaysian artist Shooshie Sulaiman’s search for a tour guide in Siem Reap named Chantha, the reconstruction of Angkor Wat in plaster casts for the 1931 Paris International Colonial Exhibition, French couple Malrauxes detained in 1923 in the Raffles Hotel for attempt to steal Banteay Srei fragments, and the story from an unpublished new novel by renowned novelist Soth Polin now based in Los Angeles.

On the first day of the workshop participants will be invited to hear about these stories by the facilitators and a lecture by Raoul Marc Jennar, the author of “Comment Malraux est devenu Malraux: de l’indifférence politique à l’engagement” (How Malraux Became Malraux: Political Indifference to Engagement). The afternoon will include a facilitated workshop responding to these stories and potential on how to materialise them. The second day includes a process of making or responding to the stories through group searching and a trip within the city.

There is no expectation of prior knowledge. Participants from a variety of experiences and backgrounds are welcome; this is not exclusive to art making. Participants are invited to come with an openness in terms of how to activate these stories and how to highlight ideas around movement and to call for a collective enquiry on transcultural movements mainly related to archive and documents. Some propositions and the artworks produced during the workshop could resurface at the Betonsalon—Center for Art and Research in Paris in the context of the exhibition and program “Anywhere But Here” (September 13 – November 5 2016).

This exhibition will present works by several Cambodian and international artists (Vuth Lyno, Khvay Samnang, Vandy Rattana, Shooshie Sulaiman, Albert Samreth, Tran Minh Duc, etc.) exploring the notion of circulations of objects, figures or gestures in relation to Cambodia, and more broadly within the geopolitical context of Southeast Asia. With a focus on various forms of deterritorialisation, the exhibition aims to collect stories of movement that draw vanishing points within prevailing processes of history making and patrimonial heritage.

All materials will be discussed and provided. Lunch and dinner for both days are provided.

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