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World's most prolific royal blogger: Norodom Sihanouk

VIA The New York Time’s Latitude blog, Julia Wallace looks into Norodom Sihanouk’s legacy, talents and roles, including being the first-ever royal blogger.

The Royal Blog

Sihanouk’s favorite online topic might have been sex. He often reflected on the attractiveness of Cambodian women, musing over whether they had grown more beautiful since the days of his great-grandfather’s harem. Once, he reminisced about a girl, nicknamed Little Cutie, with whom he went to elementary school. Of her getting soaked one rainy day in an all-white outfit, he wrote: “This ‘interested me’ tremendously!! What ‘precocity’!!”

The royal blog also provides an unsettling glimpse into Sihanouk’s struggle to make his voice heard as the end of his life drew near. His greatest rival for the affection of the Cambodian people, Hun Sen, a peasant who clawed his way into the premiership in the mid-1980s and held on tight, had finally edged him off center stage.

More about Sihanouk as the world’s most prolific royal blogger:

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