This Cambodian blog helps travelers, expats, and citizens of the world to rediscover the essence of Cambodia. The more information about Cambodia from Cambodian perspectives, the better you can really understand about Khmer people, culture, traditions, and everything in between.

Why Cambopedia?

Launched in 2006, Cambopedia is a playful combination of shortened Cambodia plus pedia: Cambo + pedia. Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia and the home of the founder and publisher of this website. ‘Pedia’ means learning, so Cambopedia is all about learning about Cambodia.

There are many good blogs and websites about traveling, living, or moving to Cambodia that offer practical advice and useful tips. So, why Cambopedia? Back then, there were not many sites started by locals who could offer local perspectives and insights into Cambodia.

Over the years, I’ve noticed three things about books, websites, and blogs about Cambodian culture. They are all written by foreigners or expatriates. I believe there was an urgent need for a website about Cambodian culture written by a real Cambodian. Most websites about Cambodia start with the infamous genocide and the Khmer Rouge, a dark past that ended decades ago. These websites read like textbooks at best and phone books at worst. I think that websites about Cambodia should be informative and entertaining.

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