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News Media in Cambodia




To help most people get the latest news and updates from Cambodia, here’s a compiled list of news media outlets.

Cambodia’s daily business news


A space for some of the region’s best writers and photographers to take our readers behind the headlines and into the stories that shape people’s lives.

A quarterly English-language magazine of arts, literature, culture, politics, the environment and society in Asia, written by people from the region or those who know it well.

Cambodia has a relatively small news media landscape. The majority of news media in Cambodia is privately owned, with a few state-owned outlets as well. These newspapers are available in print and online, and provide coverage of local and national news, as well as international events. There are also a number of online news sites that offer a mix of news and opinion pieces.

Despite the existence of private news media, many journalists in Cambodia face challenges when reporting on sensitive issues. The government also controls the broadcast media, which includes a number of TV and radio stations.

Overall, the news media in Cambodia faces significant challenges, including government interference, low levels of press freedom, and financial constraints. Despite these challenges, however, journalists in Cambodia continue to work to bring important stories to light and to hold those in power accountable.

There are a number of English-language news outlets operating in Cambodia. Some of the top sources of English news in Cambodia include:

The Cambodia Daily

This independent newspaper was in operation for more than two decades until its forced closure by the government in 2017. It was widely considered to be the most reliable source of independent news in Cambodia.

The Phnom Penh Post

This is an old newspaper that provides news and analysis on Cambodia and Southeast Asia. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, culture, and sports.

The Khmer Times

This is a newspaper that covers Cambodia, regional and international news.

The Southeast Asia Globe

The Southeast Asia Globe is a digital news platform that covers a wide range of topics, including business, politics, and culture in Southeast Asia.

Voice of America-Cambodian service (VOA Khmer)

VOA is an international news organization which provides Cambodian news in English and Khmer via its website and radio.

The Cambodia Mirror (Defunct)

The Cambodia Mirror is a news website that reports on politics, business, and culture in Cambodia and across Southeast Asia. (Defunct)

Cambodia Expat

Cambodia Expat is an online news source that focuses on news and information for expatriates living in Cambodia.

Voice of Democracy (VOD)

Closed down

Please keep in mind that some of the news outlets mentioned here may have shut down, changed their focus or editors by now. It is always good to verify the sources and the information provided by them.

Blog and travel/living guides

A travel and lifestyle hybrid website, Cambodia Begins at 40 has the best writing from our team of expert journalists to provide you with suggestions on what to do and where to go in Cambodia. Whether it is an undiscovered temple, a pristine beach or the perfect spot for that thirst quenching sundowner, follow our pages for inspiration.

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The impact of social media on journalism in Cambodia

In recent years, the rise of social media has had a significant impact on journalism in Cambodia. On one hand, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have allowed journalists to disseminate information quickly and effectively to a wider audience than ever before. This has been particularly important in a country like Cambodia, where traditional media outlets are often censored or controlled by the government.

However, social media has also brought its own set of challenges for journalists. With the proliferation of fake news and disinformation online, it can be difficult for journalists to separate fact from fiction and ensure that their reporting is accurate and reliable. In addition, social media can be used as a tool to harass or intimidate journalists who are critical of the government or other powerful entities.

Despite these challenges, many journalists in Cambodia continue to use social media as an important tool for their work. Some have even found ways to leverage social media to build networks of sources and collaborators outside of traditional media channels. As the landscape of journalism continues to evolve in Cambodia, it will be interesting to see how social media continues to shape the industry – both positively and negatively.

Social media: alternative news sources

Social media has emerged as an important tool for news dissemination and public debate in Cambodia. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are widely used, particularly among younger Cambodians, to share news and express opinions. However, the government has also been known to crack down on social media users who criticize the government.