• How many days of Cambodian national holidays each year? In average, there are 21 offiail days off from business work. The most important holiday of the year is Khmer New Year (Chol Chhnam Thmei in Khmer) in mid April. This is a complete list of Cambodia’s national public holidays in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, […]

  • Cambodia Job Websites

    Are you looking for a job in Cambodia? Here’s a list of job websites that you can browse and get latest job announcements. In addition to dedicated job websites, there are also newspapers that run job advertisements. These job websites advertise hiring commissioned by the employers looking for Cambodian nationals and expats. Best Books About […]

  • Phnom Penh air quality

    Phnom Penh has been growing rapidly over the past years in term of economic development, among many other things. How about air pollution issue in Phnom Penh? The burning of fuels such as petroleum, diesel and coal in the transport, household, industrial and energy sectors contribute to one common thing in Southeast Asian cities, air […]

  • Shopping in Phnom Penh

    Love shopping? How to get the best out of your shopping experience when in Phnom Penh? It’s this time of the year again that you want to buy some of electronics and gadgets yourself, your family members and friends. This mini guide will help you discover great gadgets as well as good shops you can […]

  • Books about Phnom Penh

    Since its foundation in 1372, Phnom Penh is uniquely known for its historical architecture and great attractions. Many centuries later, there are more and more books written about this city (aka Paris of the East or even the Pearl of Asia). There are reasons for those nicknames. Written mostly by those who fell in love […]

  • In Phnom Penh, there are so many choices when it comes to eating good food. If a dish of noodles is your favorite like mine, then let’s find out some of the best restaurants in town. What you will find in my selections are: Chinese noodle styles, Cambodian noodle (Num Banh Chok), Ramen, and Udon. […]