Cambodian cookbooks

These are some of the popular Cambodian Cooking Books available. There could be more, and some of the books may not be available in all countries.

“The Cambodian Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Kingdom of Wonder” by Joannes Riviere and Jacqueline Saulnier-Chavet

“Khmer Cuisine: A Collection of Traditional and Modern Cambodian Recipes” by Pheap Aim

“Real Cambodian Cookbook: A Living Legacy of Traditional Recipes” by Nadsa De Monteiro

“Cambodian Food and Cooking: Discover the Rich and Varied Cuisine of Cambodia” by Rosalin Uy

Khmer cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Cambodian people. It is similar to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, with a heavy emphasis on rice, seafood, and a variety of herbs and spices. Some popular dishes include Amok, a traditional fish curry, and Lok lak, a dish of marinated beef or pork served with vegetables and rice. Visitors to Cambodia should also try the street food, which offers a wide variety of delicious and inexpensive options. When eating out in Cambodia, it’s important to be aware that many restaurants use a lot of MSG in their cooking, so if you’re sensitive to it, it’s best to ask that it not be used.

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