Coffeeshops in Phnom Penh

Over the past few years, I’ve visited most of the coffee outlets (below) to meet with friends and circles and for business meetings. My regular, favorite orders are espresso, Americano, and cold brew Sumatra coffee. Once in a while, I have this ristretto at Feel Good Coffee. For me and many coffee aficionados, the best café has to offer more than just the coffee, but in-store experience, one of which is a fast and stable Internet connection. If you’re looking for coffee shops with fast WiFi internet where you can do some remote work over your laptop, here’s a list of hand-picked coffee stores for you.

A List of Coffee Shops in Phnom Penh With Fast Internet

Coffmichi Coffee

Coffmichi Coffee shop is a new, nice place to check out. If you live or come to a meeting Tuol in Kork district, I recommend that you give this a coffeeshop a try. It’s just a few minutes from Brown Coffee and Roastery Tuol Kork. Coffmichi Coffee is on St. 317 corner of St. 528.

Brown Coffee and Bakery

The king of the local brand coffee chain, Brown has nearly 20 shops, most of them in Phnom Penh, with new expansion in Siem Reap. I like Brown’s cold brew coffee, which is only available at its roastery shop. The latest Brown Coffee roastery shop is located in Tuol Kork district. It’s one of Brown’s grand store with a small playground in its backyard.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

There are at least 2 locations in Phnom Penh I’ve checked in. One thing that set this American coffee chain from Starbuck coffee store is that it offers unlimited Internet. Unlimited bandwidth and access duration. The world’s second-largest chain of coffee retailers after Starbuck’s, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf doesn’t seem to really have many stores, but each of its locations is very strategic. The other one I’ve tasted its Americano is on the ground floor of Phnom Penh Tower, one of the city’s tallest building known for its Eclypse Sky Bar.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

In a crowded market for coffee chains in Phnom Penh, this Australian chains usually has this creative campaign called Together Is Better. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Cambodia’s stores can offer much more than coffee. In March 2017, the coffee shops partnered with Internet provider SINET to provide: good coffee + dedicated Internet, which is available at its store in BKK1 (Corner St 51 & St 310), Riverside Phnom Penh Port, Toul Kork (St 592), and Aeon mega mall.

95 Degree Coffee and Bakery

What’s in a name of this small, vintage coffee store on Street 240 (close to St. 55)? The interior design of this coffee shop may beat some big brand name coffee shops easily. From the outside, the coffee store looks like it’s housed in an old French colonial building.

Joma Bakery Cafe

The coffee shop is popularly known for sourcing Robusta and Arabica coffee from neighboring country Laos. What’s perfect than having a hand-crafted cup of coffee and having the best Internet in the air-conditioned coffee shop!

Using this web-based BGP Toolkit, you can easily know that these coffee outlets use SINET as their Internet Provider. How fast the speed most of these shops provide? SINET’s Fiber Pro provides the unlimited bandwidth with speed up to 50Mbps. With this high-speed Internet package, this is how these Phnom Penh’s favorite remote workplaces can accommodate the growing number of freelancers, university students, and business people.

Urban Space Playground & Café in Phnom Penh

Work & play? There is a place for that in Phnom Penh. It’s called the Urban Space Playground & Café in Phnom Penh. You can do your work over the laptop and coffee and you kids can enjoy their play time in a space designed just for that. I’ve been there for a couple of time just ahead of its official opening, so there an entry free for the children. A new, welcoming addition to Tuol Kork district is Urban Space Playground & Café. This Phnom Penh’s latest playground plus cafe is the best of both worlds for parents and children.

There are a lot of coffee shops in Tuol Kork district. To name a few: Brown Coffee, Starbucks TK Avenue, Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean, Java Cafe, and Joma. In Tuol Kork alone, there are two Brown Coffee shops. The Brown Coffee Roastery Tuol Kork is larger than the one in TK Avenue and features an outside space for small kids. Urban Space Playground & Café is unique in this regard. A cafe, a workplace, and a playground in one.

I like this place because the playground has a small swimming pool designed for little kids. Next to the pool is a sandbox. On top of the cafe, the first floor is dedicated to kids, too. A climbing wall, a space for Lego, toys, drawing, and puzzles.

Tuol Kouk district is becoming an ideal place to live despite its distance from the riverside and Beung Keng Kang 1. Some great coffee outlets you can think of: Brown TK, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Java Cafe, and Joma Cafe.

It’s also a nice place for freelancers and consultants to get their work done.

Good to Know

In Phnom Penh, more and more cafés compete by offering better in-shop experience, in addition to brewing the best cup of coffee for their customers. According to the Cambodia Investor Club, there are about 200 coffees shops in Phnom Penh as of mid 2017.



Just a short note to tell you about Eric Kayser Royal Palace (the one located inside White Mansion Boutique Hotel on street 240):
One of the best flavored coffee from famous Coperaco (please see link)
Internet up to 50 Mbps from Openet
Please stop over for an espresso and ask for me
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